STERLING 9X19 mm Luger JHP Pistol Cartridges

9x19 mm Luger is the most widely used pistol calibre in Europe and many other countries all over the World. With reference to this information, Turaç has been made all necessary investments and R&D studies to reach state-of-the-art metallic ammunition technology which is especially designed for Armed Forces & Law Enforcements and also civilian use.



• 8 gr / 124 grain

• 400 m/s velocity

• 2650 bar pressure

• High performance

• High destruction power

NATO ITEM NO : 1305270622951

Gross Weight of Box 20,60 kg
Packing 30x50
Dimensions of Box 26x18,5x17 cm
Product Code 500.9.19.JHP
Maximum Pressure Max. 2650 Bar
Velocity (m/s) 400 ± 10 m/s ( 16 m )
Mean Radius Max. 7,6 cm ( 50 m )
Case Material Brass
Bullet Type JHP
Bullet Weight 8,0 g. 124 gr.
Powder - Primer Ball Powder - Boxer Primer
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