9x19 mm Luger FMJ Pistol Cartridges

9x19 mm Luger FMJ is the most widely used pistol calibre in Europe and many other countries all over the World. With reference to this information, Turaç has been made all necessary investments and R&D studies to reach state-of-the-art metallic ammunition technology which is especially designed for Armed Forces & Law Enforcements and also civilian use.



Length of Cartridge:  29,69 - 08 mm
Weight of Cartridge: 12, 15 g
Velocity / Hız 350±10m/sn (5 m’de)
Pressure / Basınç: 
Dispersion / Dağılım: 
Bullet Type / Mermi Tipi: 
Case Model / Model: 
Case Length / Uzunluğu: 
UV Sealed : No

NATO ITEM NO : 1305270622949

Length of Cartridge: / Fişek Boyu 29,69 - 08 mm
Weight of Cartridge / Fişek Ağırlığı: 12, 15 g
Velocity / Hız 350±10m/sn (5 m’de)
Pressure / Basınç: max.2350 bar
Dispersion / Dağılım: max. 4,2 cm (25m)
Bullet Type / Mermi Tipi: FMJ
Case Model / Model: 9x19 mm
Case Length / Uzunluğu: 19,15 - 03 mm
UV Sealed / Lak: Yok

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