STERLING 9x19 mm Subsonic FMJ Pistol Cartridges

Thanks to its velocity value under speed od sound, goes its tarwhile exiting get with the minimum level of sound. It is preferable type by armed forces and law enforcements worldwide special and secret operations due to not making voice explotion while exiting the barrel. Turaç has been made all necessary investments and R&D studies to reach state-of-the-art metallic ammunition manufacturing technology and has started to mass manufacturing. 



* 9,5 gram / 147 grain

* 290 m/s velocity

* 1500 bar pressure

* High performance

* Extremely quite

Product Code


Gross Weight of Box

21,95 kg



Dimensions of Box

26x18,5x17 cm

Maximum Pressure (bar)

Max 1500 bar

Velocity (m/s)

290±10 2/s @ 16 meters

Mean Radius

Max 5 cm @ 25 meters

Case Material


Bullet Type FMJ CuZn30
Bullet Weight 9,5 gram / 147 grain
Powder-Primer Ball Powder Boxer Primer
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