Dear Sterling Friends,

The Sterling brand, which started its adventure in the 1990s with its production in England and then in Spain and sold in the Turkish market, continued in the early 2000s by making production in Turkey without compromising its quality. Continuing its production life in the factory of Turaç company, which was founded by Mehmet Saim Altunbaş, the creator of the brand, in 2008, Sterling has reached its current position.

Its production life, which started with 15 different product types, continues with more than 120 types of products as of today.

Sterling, as Turkey’s oldest cartridge brand, always prioritizes quality and reliability and strives to produce the most suitable product for customer needs.

Sterling has national and international qualification documents and certificates.

Since 2009, it has been exported to more than 70 countries, mainly the USA, Russia, Switzerland, Czechia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Malaysia, and in addition, it is used by the armed forces of approximately 20 countries. Today, it is among the most well-known brands of cartridges in Europe and in many countries of the world.


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