Local Production 7.62×39 mm Cartridge of Turaç in MKEK Stocks

Local Production 7.62×39 mm Cartridge of Turaç in MKEK Stocks

the first known in the munitions field in Turkey Turac, which began mass producing its own under the Sterling brand 7,62×39 mm rifle flares, Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) entered the stock. The development of these cartridges, which are the old Russian standard and fired from AK-47 series weapons, was announced by the company on March 4.

Turac General Manager Fatih Altunbaş, on the subject MSI Magazine, said: “As Turkey is a NATO member, the inventory for fear of politically misunderstanding, almost despite 300,000 units AK-47 does, from the production of fireworks this weapon, too many years, vehemently kept away. At the lowest, the import of these cartridges, which required 6 million units annually, reached 100 million annually with intensive operations. The financial equivalent of this is a very serious figure, about 30 million dollars. We especially focused on the production of this cartridge; because very intense demands came from both the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Interior. First are also able to produce these flares in Turkey because we are the first company we have a loving company. Thus, we reduce Turkey’s dependence on foreign rockets that. Our security forces will no longer experience the worry that the cartridges in their warehouses will end with the effect of intensive operations from now on. Good luck to our country. ”

Technical Specifications of Sterling Brand 7,62×39 mm Cartridges:

Core Weight: 152 Grains
Core Type: Soft-tipped
Cartridge Weight: 16.2 grams
Speed: 710 ± 15 m / s (at 5 m)
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