The First In Shot Show 2016

World’s largest hunting and weapons exhibition took place in Vegas-United States with participation of 1741 the company. TURAC, as first time exhibitor, with the idea of “America needs to be rediscovered” has allowed to the visitors to discover the STERLING brand and quality.

The opportunities of foundation of strong marketing strategy is evaluated according to the results of the interest shown to STERLING 12 Caliber SIXLUG and PARACHUTE models and 9x19mm JHP Pistol Cartridges which are not taking place in US Markets, and the information gathered from interviews being held during event.

TURAÇ will take place in SHOTSHOW 2017 due to the great need of its dynamic, innovative and customer-oriented approach in the American Hunting Markets which are composed of customers having the vision of quality and selectivity that come to the forefront.

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